At Pinnguaq, we know there are many ways to encourage STEAM and digital skill learning. That is why we have developed our Lifecycle Model, demonstrating our commitment to supporting the needs of learners and communities at each stage of their growth, and showcasing how we put our beliefs into action. Whether you are just getting started, or ready to help others explore and discover exciting opportunities in science, technology, engineering, art, and math, Pinnguaq is here to help.

A graphic showing the six life cycle


We believe that delivering interactive, educational experiences that push the limits of technology and cultural expression fosters learning and agency. 

Pinnguaq has developed and offers year-round learning opportunities and curriculum-based learning modules for in-person, remote, and teacher-led learning.


We believe that providing access to technology will disrupt the inequitable innovation flow between urban and rural and remote communities. 

Through our Makerspaces, STEAM kits, and Computers for Success Nunavut, and other hands-on and digital resources, Pinnguaq provides the tools and technology to help learners make, create, and discover.


We believe that mentoring will build capacity by amplifying voices, projects, and ideas and create mutually beneficial opportunities.

Pinnguaq connects communities and industry professionals to provide one-on-one and group mentoring opportunities, giving learners the chance to explore STEAM in action, with expert guidance that reflects diverse experiences and backgrounds.


We believe that gaining digital skills will provide sustainable, local careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) fields.

Working with private and public partners, Pinnguaq creates opportunities for learners to gain valuable work experience to see how STEAM knowledge is applied. We also offer jobs with Pinnguaq to eager and enthusiastic learners seeking to utilize their STEAM training.


We believe that supporting learners to become active innovators, creators, and leaders in the use of technology will lead to community growth and sustainability.

Pinnguaq creates space for production and increased access to support, through our Makerspaces, online platforms, and in-house production team, for larger projects like original games and apps, live streaming and video production, and localized translations.


We believe that promoting equal access to technology and the development of digital skills in rural and remote communities will build a more connected and equal world. 

Pinnguaq advocates with communities for funding, resources, access, and for the fundamental importance of STEAM learning. We also support a North-to-South knowledge transfer, the development of local solutions, and the need for rural, remote, and Indigenous communities to have a seat where key decisions are being made.

Lifecycle Superstars

People connect with Pinnguaq in multiple ways, including as program participants, as Interns, and as staff creating projects and programs. They are Superstars, and we are excited to share their stories.