Caroline Whittle is sitting down, with wood surrounding her in the background.

Fostering Fluency

Secondary - Adult

Caroline Whittle: Inuit Language Revival

On this episode of the Root & STEM podcast, Director Of Heritage for the Government of Nunavut, Caroline Whittle, shares her insight on the state of language preservation among the Inuit community in Nunavut. She begins by explaining her position with the Government of Nunavut and sharing some of her day to day responsibilities. Next, Caroline describes the reason English has become the predominant language in the North and tells us about a course she took that promotes the revitalization of Inuktitut. Caroline shares her opinion on why people in the North should learn Inuktitut (06:55), before explaining how teachers can bridge the gap between STEM learning and Inuit culture. Next, she offers insight on what can be done at a government level to promote the use of Inuktitut. Finally, Caroline tells us the best ways and times to Learn Inuktitut, before describing how her language helps her feel connected to her community.

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