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Pinnguaq employs people in Nunavut (all communities), Ontario (Lindsay), and British Columbia (Burnaby). We are committed to creating a workforce that is representative of the clients we serve. Our hiring policy and candidate priority will reflect that.

Many of our jobs are posted through indeed. If you're interested in applying outside of the system, please contact us through the contact page, or send us an email!

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Recently Filled Positions

Position Location Applications Date Filled
Curriculum Developer te(a)ch Ontario 19 19/02/2018
Fundraiser Ontario 22 15/01/2018
Community Co-ordinator Iqaluit, Nunavut 12 03/01/2018
Graphic Designer Lindsay, Ontario 15 03/01/2018
Artist / Curriculum Lindsay, Ontario 7 25/11/2017
Videographer Lindsay, Ontario 19 21/11/2017
Accounting / Bookkeeper Lindsay, Ontario 3 10/04/2018
Teacher / Facilitator Nunavut 32 01/05/2018
Inuktitut Translator Nunavut 0 01/07/2018
Developer / Programmer British Columbia 24 01/05/2018
Teacher / Facilitator Ontario 32 26/04/2018
Teacher / Facilitator Nunavut 32 26/04/2018
Software Developer Burnaby, BC 46 01/07/2018