Curriculum DeveloperPinnguaq employs people in Nunavut (All Communities), Ontario (Lindsay) and BC (Burnaby).  Want to join us?

Pinnguaq is committed to creating a workforce that is representative of the clients we serve. Our hiring policy and candidate priority will reflect that.


Available Positions:


Position Title Location Job Posting
 Teacher/Facilitator  Ontario or Nunavut  Job Description: Curriculum Developer
Job Posting ( Ontario
Job Posting ( Nunavut
 Developer/Programmer  Burnaby, BC  Job Posting (


Closed Application; Pending Hiring


Position Title Location Total Job Applications Received Current Status Bookkeeper Lindsay 16 Pending Hire


Filled Positions (Last 6 Months):


Position Title Location Total Job Applications Received Position Filled
Videographer Lindsay, Ontario 15 11/21/17
Artist/Curriculum Lindsay, Ontario 7 11/25/17
Graphic Designer Lindsay, Ontario 19 01/03/18
Community Coordinator Iqaluit, Nunavut 12 01/03/18
Fundraiser Ontario 22 01/15/18
Curriculum Developer te(a)ch Ontario 19 02/19/18