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Two USB sticks sitting on a laptop trackpad.

How to Assemble a Computer

Secondary - Adult

This is an introductory tutorial on how to assemble a PC desktop. In this video, we will learn about the different parts of a computer and how to assemble the computer. Share your Feedback! Could you please spare some time to fill out our survey? This will allow us to better understand the types of … Continued

Computational Thinking, Computer Fundamentals
Google Workspace logo displayed with various logos.

Introduction to Google Workspace Part 1

Primary - Secondary

This learning program is divided into two courses: Introduction to Google Workspace and Advanced Google Workspace. The first course is intended to provide learners with practical training on how to use Google Workspace. This introductory course will serve as a step-by-step guide to using the basic functions of Google tools and help you integrate them … Continued

Game Design
Planning and Creating a Podcast Using Audacity

Planning and Creating a Podcast Using Audacity


This course is an introduction to podcasting. It will take the learner through the process of planning a series and the production skills needed to produce an episode. This course introduces key concepts through a participatory exercise in which the learner drafts a podcast series plan, articulating the goals for the project and its  value … Continued

Sound Design
Video Production for Social Media

Video Production for Social Media

Secondary - Adult

This course introduces learners to the world of video production by taking them along a three-step process for video creation: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. Topics covered include: creating a video strategy, scripting, storyboarding, filming tips, video editing software, editing techniques, and much more. Course Objectives By the end of this course, learners will be able … Continued

Video Production
Panels from Cole Pauls' "Just Like Us" comic.

Just Like Us

Primary - Adult

Cole Pauls explores the importance of Indigenous representation in video games through a personal story he wrote and illustrated.

Game Design
Part of the artwork from the imagining worlds and characters activity.

Imagining Worlds & Characters

This activity will teach students about worldbuilding and the relationship between a character and its world. It also poses two different ways of thinking about a concept to inspire creativity.

Art & Design
A blue/purple hued background with the words "Livestreaming" on the the top, a yellow line int he middle and below the yellow line it reads "00-Overview"

Intro to Live Streaming


This course introduces the basics of video streaming online. We will work through the fundamentals of getting your video, both live and pre-recorded, to reach your audience through various social media platforms.

Game Design
Think acronym broke down. T - is it true? H - is it helpful? I - is it inspiring? N - is it necessary? K - is it kind?

Online Safety


Learners will understand how to protect their personal information while online,  source reliable information online for their ongoing protection and how to do a safety check-up on their devices and computer. In this course learners will cover: Introduction to the Internet Browsers Browser Privacy  Wifi and Wifi Safety and Software Updates Online Resources for Web … Continued

Online Safety
Person sitting cross-legged on the ground using a laptop with a large red lock on the screen.

The Online Safety Podcast Series

On Pinnguaq’s Radio Hour The Web Use and Online Safety podcasts series explore how to stay safe while on the Internet including best practices and where to find answers to some of your online safety questions.    Listeners will learn how to protect their personal information while online,  source reliable information for their ongoing protection and how to … Continued

Online Safety
An empath map activity illustrated by Alana McCarthy.
root & stemp

Empathy Map

An empathy map is a visual aid that helps create shared understanding of an end user’s needs.

Health & Wellness
A poster that reads "I am beautiful, my weight does not define me."
root & stemp

Building a Positive Body Image in a Digital Media Society

Grade 4 - Grade 6

Introduction In this module, students examine body image and pressures on girls and boys to have the “perfect” body. Students will learn how digital media portrays “perfect bodies” and will challenge what they see in social media and on the internet. From a practical standpoint, students will identify factors and pressures that affect healthy and … Continued

Art & Design, Digital Storytelling
Spread 2 of Richard Van Camp's comic "Our Grandpa's Story: Pierre Washie." Illustration by Kyle Charles.
root & stemp

Our Grandpa’s Story: Pierre Washie

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The camera is behind the learner and the learner is turned around smiling. The learner is working on Scratch on their computer.

Introduction to Scratch

Primary - Secondary

In this course, the basics of Scratch will be introduced to provide learners with the foundational skills required to begin creating in Scratch. Scratch is a basic coding language that uses a ‘building block’ style coding to create animated stories, interactive games, simulations, and beautiful artwork.

Game Design
Critter on a map of Nunavut saying "Qujannamiik!"

Scratch Mix and Match Series

Middle - Grade 12

Learn how to make your own game with the Scratch Mix and Match Cards. Accept the challenge and make a game or story with the cards for this challenge!

Art & Design, Digital Storytelling, Game Design
The top half of the scratch backdrop is a photo of a green car on a highway, with buildings illuminated in the background. The bottom half is buttons you click to change your backdrop and your scratch character.

Pinnguaq at Home: Week 10

Primary - Adult

See what Pinnguaq is offering for online learning at home for the week of June 22nd to 26th.

App Development, Art & Design, Digital Storytelling, Game Design
A question mark surrounded by a neon pink box with light illuminating the sides.

Unplugged Coding: Binary Encoding

Grade 1 - Grade 3

This unplugged coding activity challenges you to encode different words into binary code. In this activity you will explore the computational thinking methods of decomposition. You will break down the word or words you select into single letters and encode it into Binary code using the Binary Code Key to create a secret message!

Computer Fundamentals
Scratch Basics Episode 8: Moving Up and Down

Scratch Basics Episode 8: Moving Up and Down

Grade 1 - Grade 12

In this series, the basics of Scratch will be introduced to provide learners with the foundational skills required to begin creating in Scratch.

Art & Design, Computational Thinking, Digital Storytelling, Game Design