Harnessing The Benefits: The Digital World

Harnessing The Benefits: The Digital World

Middle - Secondary

This three-episode series designed for Grade 9-12 students highlights the advantages of technology while introducing potential dangers of the online world and how to avoid them. Each episode focuses on one popular aspect of the digital world: artificial intelligence, social media, and online learning. All three episodes will explain how these relatively new technologies can benefit students in and out of the classroom, how others are using this technology, and how to implement digital safety to harness the benefits of the digital world.

Harnessing The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

This episode will explain what artificial intelligence (AI) is, how it works, how it is being used, its potential growth, and how students can benefit from it while protecting their privacy and avoiding the associated risks.

Harnessing The Benefits of Social Media

This episode explores what classifies as social media, how various parties use it, how it can be beneficial, and how to avoid common safety pitfalls including: Geolocation on pictures, when and what to avoid posting, dangers of having public profiles or accepting all friend requests, and digital scams.

Harnessing The Benefits of Online Learning

This episode explores why so many people are considering online learning, how it compares to in-person learning, and ways to both maximize the benefits and avoid possible privacy dangers such as sharing personal information, mistaking a scam for a credible institution/school, and the impact on mental health.