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ODR Hockey Heroes: game development beyond the city limits

ODR Hockey Heroes: game development beyond the city limits

Post published:February 1, 2024

Cheers and chants echoed through the Makerspace as attendees of the ODR Hockey Heroes playtest tried their hands at the arcade hockey video game developed by Treewood Studio. Whether they were tipping the puck into the back of the net or dropping gloves in a spirited bout of fisticuffs, there was no shortage of excitement in the space.

Introducing Nanili

Introducing Nanili

Post published:April 26, 2020

Pinnguaq is introducing a game called Nanili! This game was created to show players how to code in an engaging and easy-to-use programme.

Why We Stream

Why We Stream

Post published:February 7, 2019

Pinnguaq is streaming on Twitch! In here we talk about why it’s important for us to stream, and where and when you can find us!

qalupalik on a piece of ice

Qalupalik: Influences- Part 1

Post published:October 20, 2014

In this blog, Ryan Oliver talks about the myth of Qalupalik. As well as how the artists that worked on Qaluapalik impacted our game.