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Critter on a map of Nunavut saying "Qujannamiik!"

Scratch Mix and Match Series

Art & Design, Digital Storytelling, Game Design
Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald

About the author

Mary is an educator, writer and media artist who loves to collaborate. She creates poetry films and Augmented Reality art installations. Mary gets really excited about participatory media digital arts projects and believes in the potential for creative technologies to inspire individuals and connect communities. Mary’s next adventures include creating sound compositions of letters from WWI. Mary has a B. Ed, specializing in Special Education and Language Literacy and is currently finishing off her Master’s of Educational Technology degree through UBC. She has taught in Canada and at international schools in Africa and in Asia. Mary loves traveling to meet new people, learn about different ways of being, and experiencing new landscapes.

Welcome to the first Scratch Mix and Match Cards Challenge! For each challenge, you will be given three cards. Your mission is to use the code from at least two out of the three featured cards to make your own game or story.  I’ll demonstrate some ways that you could use each piece of code, but you can use the codes in any way that best fits your game or story. The cards are divided up into five categories:

  • Game Setup
  • Make it Move
  • Cool Effects
  • Clones
  • Say Something

You can download three cards for each challenge!

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