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Smart phone with a set of headphones displaying "Root & STEM podcast" cover art.

The Root & STEM Podcast

We’re excited to launch a new podcast, bringing you an audio version of everything you love about Root & STEM.

Think acronym broke down. T - is it true? H - is it helpful? I - is it inspiring? N - is it necessary? K - is it kind?

Online Safety

Grade audience: Adult

Learners will understand how to protect their personal information while online,  source reliable information online for their ongoing protection and how to do a safety check-up on their devices and computer. In this course learners will cover: Introduction to the Internet Browsers Browser Privacy  Wifi and Wifi Safety and Software Updates Online Resources for Web … Continued

Person sitting cross-legged on the ground using a laptop with a large red lock on the screen.

The Online Safety Podcast Series

On Pinnguaq’s Radio Hour The Web Use and Online Safety podcasts series explore how to stay safe while on the Internet including best practices and where to find answers to some of your online safety questions.    Listeners will learn how to protect their personal information while online,  source reliable information for their ongoing protection and how to … Continued

Gon’ Phishing

Gon’ Phishing

Grade audience: Middle - Adult

Gon’ Phising is a game built to provide an opportunity to experience a variety of phishing attempts and become familiar with the signs of a phishing email.

The interface of the game. Play is highlighted.

Socializing at a Distance

At a time when much of the world is stuck at home, the need for connection and some semblance of normalcy is incredibly important. Even though many of us can’t get together to enjoy our regular pastimes, there are plenty of ways to recreate those hobbies online. This series will explore some of those workarounds, … Continued

The second page of the Bearanormal Activity comic by Kate Craig.

Bearanormal Activity

Grade audience: Primary - Grade 12

Finding reliable information online can be challenging. This Bearanormal Activity comic explores considerations you should make when reading information on the internet.

The main Facebook page open on a computer.

Introduction to Facebook

Grade audience: Grade 5 - Grade 8

Students will learn how to safely and effectively use Facebook to connect with friends and family.

A tech-related photo.

Technology Consumption Vs. Technology Creation

Grade audience: Grade 4 - Grade 6

Students will learn that it is acceptable and encouraged to use computers and technology for fun and learning, but it is also very important to consider what they are consuming and why.

A tablet being used on a table.

Cultural Sensitivity When Posting Online

Grade audience: Grade 7 - Grade 12

Memes can be funny to share with friends and family. But sometimes they are offensive to other cultures. Learn what not to share online and cultural sensitivity.

A phone screen showing various apps.

Introduction To Social Media Safety

Grade audience: Middle - Grade 8

Social media is fun and a great way to connect with people from across the world, but it can also be dangerous. Students will learn how to keep themselves safe while using social media.

A young person who looks sad.


Grade audience: Grade 6 - Grade 8

Cyberbullying affects a lot of people online. Learn how to recognize what cyberbullying is and how to seek help if someone you know is being cyberbullied.

A person "reacting" to a social media post using a phone.

Digital Citizenship

Grade audience: Grade 7 - Grade 8

Learn about digital citizenship! As digital citizens we need to know how to be safe, kind, and positive contributors to the communities we participate in.

A person typing a document on a laptop.

Properly Citing Sources

Grade audience: Grade 9 - Grade 12

The purpose of this module is to introduce students and adults to the concept of citing, and provide them with the proper resources and tools to cite correctly.

The keyboard of a laptop.

Critical Literacy Scams

Grade audience: Grade 9 - Grade 12

It is important for anybody to know how to not become subjects to online scams. Learn how to develop the required skills to avoid scams online.

A microphone.

Copyright Of Music And Imagery

Grade audience: Grade 9 - Grade 12

In this lesson we discuss trademarks, patents, public domains, fair use, intellectual property, and infringement in the music industry.

A phone showing different social media apps on the screen.

Creating Strong Passwords

Grade audience: Grade 9 - Grade 12

Creating a strong password to keep out cyber thieves is important. Learn how to create the perfect password in this lesson.

An instructor leading a digital learning session.

Critical Literacy

Grade audience: Grade 7 - Grade 12

With the internet being bigger than it ever was, it is important to develop critical thinking skills and learn how to find credibility online. Learn more about Critical Literacy.

The Medicine Wheel symbol.

Self Care And Video Games

Grade audience: Grade 9 - Grade 12

Carrington Christmas introduces the concept of self care as it related to the Medicine Wheel, as well as how it relates to video games.