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A poster that reads 'I am beautiful, my weight does not define me.'
root & stemp

Building a Positive Body Image in a Digital Media Society

Grade 4 - Grade 6

Introduction In this module, students examine body image and pressures on girls and boys to have the “perfect” body. Students will learn how digital media portrays “perfect bodies” and will challenge what they see in social media and on the internet. From a practical standpoint, students will identify factors and pressures that affect healthy and … Continued

Art & Design, Digital Storytelling
Combining Magicavoxel & Krita

Combining Magicavoxel & Krita

Middle - Grade 12

In these video tutorials learners will be introduced to topics such as rendering, photo editing, effects, lighting, transparent images, layer use, and more.

Art & Design, Computer Fundamentals, Game Design
Construct A Bee Hotel

Construct A Bee Hotel

Grade 1 - Grade 3

In this lesson students will construct a bee hotel to help worker bees find a safe spot to rest during their busy days.

Art & Design, Other
Inuit Principles of Conservation: Serving Others

Inuit Principles of Conservation: Serving Others

Grade 4 - Grade 6

Students will learn the Inuit perspective on serving others through pijitsirniq and how this is linked to the concept of becoming a respectful steward in life through avattimik kamatsiarniq.

Art & Design, Digital Storytelling, Health & Wellness
Pathfinder Series

Pathfinder Series

Author Jon Corbett will teach students about Pathfinder using Microsoft Small Basics in this series.

Art & Design, Computer Fundamentals, Game Design
Pixel Art

Pixel Art

In this series students and teachers will be introduced to software programs GIMP and GraphicsGale, as well as how what tiling is and how to do it, and animation with these programs.

Art & Design, Computer Fundamentals
A microphone set up.


Grade 4 - Grade 8

Do you listen to podcasts? Or maybe you don’t know what a podcasting is. Find out more in this lesson as Michelle Jilesen teaches us how to create a podcast of our own.

Computer Fundamentals, Digital Storytelling, Sound Design
The main Facebook page open on a computer.

Introduction to Facebook

Grade 5 - Grade 8

Students will learn how to safely and effectively use Facebook to connect with friends and family.

Computer Fundamentals, Online Safety
A video camera recording a shot.

Film Review

Grade 4 - Grade 6

Students will review short films and write a film review based on the intended audience, point of view, and purpose.

Art & Design, Digital Storytelling
A student sharing their Scratch project during a te(a)ch session.


Grade 7 - Grade 8

In this module students will have an opportunity to look at storyboards and consider the visual cues that can help tell a story.

Digital Storytelling
An illustration of an icy shoreline.

Introduction To Twine

Grade 9 - Grade 12

This lesson is geared towards students who want to learn code or make games. Students will be introduced to Twine with a working prototype.