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Panels from Cole Pauls' "Just Like Us" comic.

Just Like Us

Cole Pauls explores the importance of Indigenous representation in video games through a personal story he wrote and illustrated.

A blue/purple hued background with the words "Livestreaming" on the the top, a yellow line int he middle and below the yellow line it reads "00-Overview"

Intro to Live Streaming

This course introduces the basics of video streaming online. We will work through the fundamentals of getting your video, both live and pre-recorded, to reach your audience through various social media platforms.

Introduction to Scratch

Introduction to Scratch

In this course, the basics of Scratch will be introduced to provide learners with the foundational skills required to begin creating in Scratch. Scratch is a basic coding language that uses a ‘building block’ style coding to create animated stories, interactive games, simulations, and beautiful artwork.

Scratch Mix and Match Series

Scratch Mix and Match Series

Learn how to make your own game with the Scratch Mix and Match Cards. Accept the challenge and make a game or story with the cards for this challenge!

Scratch Mix and Match Challenge #4

Scratch Mix and Match Challenge #4

Scratch Mix and Match Cards Challenge #4. Accept the challenge and learn how to make a Choose your own Adventure game or story! Making your own games in Scratch is a fun way to learn how to code!

Pixel Power: Sprites for Scratch

Pixel Power: Sprites for Scratch

Create a basic four-frame walk cycle for a 32×32 character sprite from start to finish, then import that sprite into Scratch. A time-compressed video example of the process helps to illustrate the process.

Natsiq Hunter

Natsiq Hunter

In this tutorial Natsiq Hunter, participants will learn to use if/else statements to make a simple click game.

Pixel Power Series

Pixel Power Series

In this Pixel Power series, Ian MacLean will be taking learners along with him to learn more about pixel art, and how to improving your workflow in GraphicsGale.