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Intermediate Google Workspace Part 2

Grade audience: Adult

This learning program has been divided into two courses: Introduction to Google Workspace and Advanced Google Workspace. The second course is intended to provide learners with practical training on using the advanced features of Google Workspace. This course focuses on collaborative and integrated google tools that work together with other tools. Learning Objectives By the … Continued

Two USB sticks sitting on a laptop trackpad.

How to Assemble a Computer

Grade audience: Secondary - Adult

This is an introductory tutorial on how to assemble a PC desktop. In this video, we will learn about the different parts of a computer and how to assemble the computer.

A facebook market place listing.

Leveling Up: Selling on Facebook and Instagram

Grade audience: Adult

This course provides the learner with a functional understanding of the commerce tools available on Facebook and Instagram and the best practices associated with promoting and selling handmade products on these platforms.  Course Objectives  Understand the free commerce tools available to Business Pages on Facebook and Instagram. Understand the options available to Canadian businesses for … Continued

Smart phone with a set of headphones displaying "Root & STEM podcast" cover art.

The Root & STEM Podcast

We’re excited to launch a new podcast, bringing you an audio version of everything you love about Root & STEM.

This image is a drawing of an archive box filled with manilla folders. Many terms, images and icons used on computer systems come from the non-digital world, including folders.

Working with Drives, Folders and Files – Windows

Grade audience: Adult

This course is designed for an adult learner interested in understanding how files are stored and organized by computers. The course will cover the basics of naming and organizing files, using removable drives such as USB sticks, and an introduction to working with online storage systems such as Google Drive and OneDrive. 

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Introduction to Social Media for Small Business

Grade audience: Secondary - Adult

In this course, social media’s essentials for business are introduced to provide learners with the foundational understanding required to promote their small business on major social media platforms. Note: As this is an introductory course, it will not discuss advanced features such as paid advertising or commerce listings on any platform.

Duplicate frame.

Success in Online Learning Part 3

Grade audience: Adult

Success in Online Learning Part 3 will lead you into mastery by investigating specialized supports and resources, self-care strategies, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and other gems from the Internet.

Google jamboard icon.

Success in Online Learning Part 2

Grade audience: Adult

Part Two will take you beyond the basics, with the introduction of several new and exciting Google Workspace learning programs and platforms. Finally, Part Three will lead you into mastery by investigating specialized supports and resources, self-care strategies, Massive Open Online Courses and other ‘Gems from the Internet’.

Google slides icon.

Success in Online Learning Part 1

Grade audience: Adult

Transitioning to Online Learning can be scary and exciting all at the same time. For some of us, this will be the very first time we have used technology in this way;  for others it might be a time to spread our wings! This course will start by introducing you to the basics of online … Continued

In order from left to right, there is the word icon, excel icon, and the powerpoint icon.

Introduction to Microsoft Office

Grade audience: Adult

In the Introduction to Microsoft Office course learners will explore the  computer application program Microsoft Office that can be used to create a variety of business and office files including documents, spreadsheets, slide show presentations and email. Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used word processors available for Macs and PCs. Course Objectives … Continued

A question mark surrounded by a neon pink box with light illuminating the sides.

Unplugged Coding: Binary Encoding

Grade audience: Grade 1 - Grade 3

This unplugged coding activity challenges you to encode different words into binary code. In this activity you will explore the computational thinking methods of decomposition. You will break down the word or words you select into single letters and encode it into Binary code using the Binary Code Key to create a secret message!

Scratch Mix and Match Challenge #4

Scratch Mix and Match Challenge #4

Grade audience: Middle - Grade 12

Scratch Mix and Match Cards Challenge #4. Accept the challenge and learn how to make a Choose your own Adventure game or story! Making your own games in Scratch is a fun way to learn how to code!

Pixel power graphic.

Pixel Power Series

Grade audience: Grade 7 - Adult

In this Pixel Power series, Ian MacLean will be taking learners along with him to learn more about pixel art, and how to improving your workflow in GraphicsGale.

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Scratch Basics Series

Grade audience: Primary - Adult

In this series, the basics of Scratch will be introduced to provide learners with the foundational skills required to begin creating in Scratch.

A child using a computer for a lesson.

Gon’ Phishing

Grade audience: Middle - Adult

Gon’ Phising is a game built to provide an opportunity to experience a variety of phishing attempts and become familiar with the signs of a phishing email.

A green soda bottle with two arrows, one pointing down that shows a bitmap version of the image; making it blurry, and then the other arrow pointing up to display the vector; making it readable.

Working with vector graphics art in Scratch

Grade audience: Grade 7 - Grade 12

In this tutorial, you will learn about the differences between vector graphics and raster graphics (also called bitmap graphics or pixel graphics) and how they are used in Scratch as well as how to use Inkscape to make vector-based art for use in Scratch.

Scratch interface.

Scratch Basics Episode 4: Adding Sound

Grade audience: Grade 1 - Grade 12

In this series, the basics of Scratch will be introduced to provide learners with the foundational skills required to begin creating in Scratch.

Cooked pizza.

Coded Cooking: Homemade Pizza

Grade audience: Primary - Grade 12

Step by step coding can be a very difficult process to go through, even the tiniest mistake can result in a bug that crashes the game. A great way to display this is through cooking, and what better food than pizza!