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Introduction to Microsoft Office


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In the Introduction to Microsoft Office course learners will explore the  computer application program Microsoft Office that can be used to create a variety of business and office files including documents, spreadsheets, slide show presentations and email. Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used word processors available for Macs and PCs.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course learners will be familiar with three of the most popular MS Office apps including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. MS Word is used to create documents; MS Excel is used to create spreadsheets and MS PowerPoint is used to create slideshow presentations.

Desktop applications are installed directly on to your device. You can use them with or without an Internet connection. Microsoft will periodically provide updates for these apps so that you have the latest features. The desktop apps tend to be more robust than the online apps. In this course, we will be using the desktop version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


The online version of MS Office is known as MS 365 - To access the MS 365 apps, select your preferred internet browser and login to Office with a valid username and password.

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