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Sequel to Survival

Middle - Secondary

Waubgeshig Rice: Survival & Revival

On this episode of the Root & STEM podcast, Anishinaabe author and journalist, Waubgeshig Rice, shares details of his sequel to Moon of the Crusted Snow, his critically acclaimed 2018 novel, and offers insights to Indigenous issues from the perspective of a professional in writing and broadcasting. He begins by offering a brief summary of Moon of the Crusted Snow, and continues by teasing the sequel, Moon of the Turning Leaves, set to be released in October ‘23, a continuation of a series that wasn’t originally planned. Waub talks about his experience with publishing as an Indigenous person, before describing how his near 20 years of experience as a journalist assists him as a fiction writer. Next, Waub speaks on a comparison that has been made between Moon of the Crusted Snow, a story of survival, to the lived experiences of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Waub reflects on some early memories which taught him the power of language, before wrapping up with what he would consider literary success.

Waubgeshig’s website.

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