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AR & Attribution

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Amanda Almond: AR & Attribution

On this episode of the Root & STEM podcast, Matriarchal Firekeeper and project coordinator at UAlberta, Amanda Almond, shares her experiences in research and community engagement, including her involvement in creating an interactive augmented reality (AR) learning experience. The We Are All Related AR project teaches local Indigenous knowledge and uses an AR format by visiting dedicated granite sculptures on the University of Alberta campus. She begins by explaining how research on or in Indigenous communities has historically had negative effects on the community, and describes unique approaches she uses to conduct research in a more ethical manner. Amanda shares her academic journey and how it led to her involvement in the We Are All Related AR project, before describing what AR is and how the project utilizes it. Next, Amanda explains how AR can be used as a storytelling and education tool. Amanda emphasizes the importance of digital literacy and data sovereignty for Indigenous communities, before wrapping up by introducing an interesting thought about copyright ownership of knowledge shared through media.

To learn about and experience the AR stories, please visit the Sweetgrass AR website.

The We Are All Related AR project was supported by:

  • Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund, UAlberta
  • Graduate Student Internship Program, UAlberta
  • Métis Settlements Life Skills Journey Program, Community-University Partnership, UAlberta
  • Killam Accelerator Award, UAlberta
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