Section 2: Creating a Document

The insertion point or cursor is positioned at the beginning of page one on any new document.

The letter keys on your keyboard will default to lowercase.  To create one uppercase character, press and hold either of the two shift keys while typing the desired letter.  Some of the keyboard keys have two different characters on one key.  To access the top character you must press and hold either shift key, then press the desired character key.

To use all uppercase letters, press the Caps Lock key.  To access any of the characters on the top of a keyboard key, the Shift key must be held, even while in Caps Lock mode.  To return to lowercase letters, press Caps Lock again.

Word uses word wrap which means it is not necessary to press the Enter key when your text reaches the end of a line.  Word will automatically move to the next line. This is known as a Soft Return.

To force the cursor to the next line, press the Enter key.  This is known as a Hard Return.  You can also double click with the mouse to move the cursor down to a line where you have not entered any data.

There are two main keys used to erase incorrect characters or codes (including spaces), the Delete key and the Backspace key.  The Delete key will erase one character or code directly to the right of the cursor.  The Backspace key will erase one character or code directly to the left of the cursor.