Students sitting at a rounch table working on computers.

CyberTitan Spotlight

Middle - Secondary

Tim King & Sheena Bolton: Exploring CyberTitan

On this episode of the Root & STEM podcast, Sheeana Bolton and Timothy King of the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) explain CyberTitan, a cybersecurity competition for middle and high schoolers organized by the ICTC.

Tim breaks down what goes on during a CyberTitan competition and the benefits a competitor might take away from the experience. Next, Tim reveals who prepares the objectives for CyberTitan and shares some student successes before Sheeana explains how ICTC is prioritizing cybersecurity as the industry and importance of new talent skyrockets. Sheena describes some more benefits of being a competitor.Tim shares some threats the prominence of AI and scaling of quantum computing pose to humans (13:06), as well as the positive effects this rather new technology could have. Next, Sheena explains how a family effort can help susceptible individuals such as seniors stay sfae from cyber threats and phone scams, before each offering a simple actionable you can put into practice today to instantly improve your cybersecurity.

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