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Building A House In Unreal 4 Series

Building A House In Unreal 4 Series

Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan

In this lesson plan series, author Leah Jackett takes students and teachers through a introduction to Unreal 4, how to plan and build a house in Unreal, and add assets into your created scene.

Building A House In Unreal 4: Part 1, students will receive an introduction to what Unreal Engine 4 does and learn how to navigate their projects. Students will learn the basic interface of the Unreal Development kit, the type of projects it can be used for and review all the tools the program offers.

Building A House In Unreal 4: Part 2, students will learn how to build a basic room in Unreal 4. This will include creating a house and using the brush tool to block out, or prototype their house for a later module. The following image shows the goal of what students will build in this module.

Building A House In Unreal 4: Part 3, refinement is an important part of the development pipeline, and demonstrates the work that any type of 3D media goes through on it’s way to release. Students will take their blocked out house from the second part of the module, “Building a House in Unreal 4”, and polish it with provided assets.

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