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Blender Print-a-Piece Ep. 11: Custom Dice for Print

Blender Print-a-Piece Ep. 11: Custom Dice for Print

Brandon Bunnie

Brandon Bunnie

About the author

Brandon Bunnie is a 3D artist and game designer. He builds and textures 3D objects for game environments as well as virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. He is well versed in the Unity and Unreal engines. Brandon graduated from the 3D Game Art program at Centennial College and holds a degree in Graphic Design from George Brown College.

App Development, Art & Design, Game Design
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In the series: Blender Print-a-Piece 1-11

There are 2 ways of going about making dice. Some example objects exist in the scene or you can take your time and create your own. Then we’ll employ a Boolean Modifier to cut into our die and export them for print.

  • Thank you Kerusu on SoundCloud for sharing this great track!

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