The health and safety of our participants and employees is our top priority. All events are suspended until further notice.

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Signal Processing Series

Signal Processing Series

Grade 10 - Grade 12

This series about Signal Processing includes topics such as theoretical behaviours, and audio and imaging editing.

Computer Fundamentals, Sound Design


Grade 4 - Grade 8

Do you listen to podcasts? Or maybe you don’t know what a podcasting is. Find out more in this lesson as Michelle Jilesen teaches us how to create a podcast of our own.

Computer Fundamentals, Digital Storytelling, Sound Design
Copyright Of Music And Imagery

Copyright Of Music And Imagery

Grade 9 - Grade 12

In this lesson we discuss trademarks, patents, public domains, fair use, intellectual property, and infringement in the music industry.

Online Safety, Sound Design
Introduction To Sound

Introduction To Sound

Grade 6 - Grade 9

Students will be introduced to how sound works, how to describe it, and understand the different aspects of sound.

Art and Design, Sound Design