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Planning and Creating a Podcast Using Audacity

Planning and Creating a Podcast Using Audacity

Grade audience: Secondary

This course is an introduction to podcasting. It will take the learner through the process of planning a series and the production skills needed to produce an episode. This course introduces key concepts through a participatory exercise in which the learner drafts a podcast series plan, articulating the goals for the project and its  value … Continued

Designing Sound for Video Games

Designing Sound for Video Games

Grade audience: Grade 7 - Grade 12

This lesson shows you how to use audacity to edit sounds to create your own sound FX for a Seeking game made with Scratch!

A microphone set up.


Grade audience: Grade 4 - Grade 8

Do you listen to podcasts? Or maybe you don’t know what a podcasting is. Find out more in this lesson as Michelle Jilesen teaches us how to create a podcast of our own.

A microphone.

Copyright Of Music And Imagery

Grade audience: Grade 9 - Grade 12

In this lesson we discuss trademarks, patents, public domains, fair use, intellectual property, and infringement in the music industry.

A pair of headphones.

Introduction To Sound

Grade audience: Grade 6 - Grade 9

Students will be introduced to how sound works, how to describe it, and understand the different aspects of sound.