Te(a)ch is the next step in the development of what began as the “Nunavut Code Club”.  Its goal is to introduce, foster, and encourage children in every community in Nunavut to understand, control, and create with the technology that surrounds them.   

What began as a one week traveling course that visited Nunavut communities will now expand into a permanent online infrastructure that allows up-to-date, relevant, and sustainable technology lessons/curricula targeted at Nunavut youth.  It will be the first and only completely tech-based curriculum developed for Nunavummiut that speaks to their reality.

More Than Just Learning To Use A Computer

Over the last three years, we have fine-tuned the curriculum to create a program with benefits that extend well beyond simply teaching “how a computer thinks”.  It has become a program about capacity building, artistic expression, and mental health.  Working with organizations like Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre, we have created and are looking to truly expand a program with benefits that touch on all aspects of daily life.   


Perhaps the most important goal of this expansion is that of sustainability.  Workshops in Nunavut come and go.  It is common to have “experts” fly in to communities, run their programs, and then leave. Ongoing support and continuity of programs does not fit cleanly into one-, two-, or five-year project funding cycles.

Our primary goal with this proposal is creating sustainable knowledge and skills acquisition. We are aiming to build the infrastructure that can be sustained and foster continued learning and activities.  
We are creating an online platform that features 52 weeks of curriculum. As we will expand upon below, we will travel into communities, train a small group of promising young teachers/ambassadors, and leave them with the ability to teach within their community with resources to span a base 52 weeks of instruction. This eliminates the prospect of one-time programming, and allows young leaders and early adopters the means to sustain the program, and pass on the learning to their peers.  

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