Pinnguaq means “Play” in Inuktitut and with offices now in Nunavut, Ontario and B.C we have a mandate to create interactive experiences that push both the limits of technology and cultural expression.   Whether focused on film, virtual reality, gaming, education or application development we combine a passion for culture and technology to both stimulate and entertain.



Pinnguaq Association was created, as not for profit Pangnirtung based technology startup in 2012 with the goal of providing play experiences in Indigenous Languages.  Since then, the organization has begun to embrace ways of incorporating play and gaming into wide reaching applications that can benefit tourism, education and economic development.  At the root of our mission statement is the embracing of technology as a means of unifying and enabling Nunavummiut.



Pinnguaq Productions looks to combine technology, and narrative into experiences that integrate unique interpretations of story, music and culture in an immersive and potentially interactive way.  With a focus on 360 degree and VR filmmaking, Pinnguaq Productions creates original content for narrative, documentary, short and marketing in all fields.  



Pinnguaq Technology Inc creates interactive experiences that allow for ways to communication and play with cultures and stories as never before. With a team made up of AAA veterans of the games and software industry, Pinnguaq Technology Inc brings a unique combination of cultural expression and gaming to the development of games, apps and other software.

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