Learn Inuktitut Through Music

Pinnguaq is proud to announce Singuistics. Learn traditional and original songs by Inuit musicians in a fun, three-step program. Experience the music alongside illustrations by Nunavut’s best artists. Practice singing the songs yourself to improve your pronunciation of Inuktitut words and phrases. Then, once you’re ready, record your final performance and share it with your friends!

For both new and existing Inuktitut speakers, Singuistics is a fun way to immerse yourself in the language and culture of the Inuit people.  It will serve as an excellent introduction to one of the richest and most unique cultures on the planet, while at the same time provide a useful tool for Nunavut and Nunavik parents, daycares and schools who wish to complement their Inuktitut and cultural lessons with an interactive element.  

The program is based on innovative new ideas in education that use music to improve diction and sound-awareness in the language. You’ll learn Inuit stories, culture and vocabulary, but it’ll feel just like play.

The App is currently being developed for iOs systems with a focus on Inuktitut, the Inuit Language.  However as work progresses we are 
exploring the option of other formats and hoping to soon expand into new languages.

Release Date: December 19 2013
Release Format: iPad
Notes: Retina Display Enhanced- Requires iOs 6.0 minimum. iPad 2 or higher. 

Interested? In seeing this application developed for your language?  Please contact us. We would very much like to hear from you.