Osmos Translation Contest Rules

Read The Rules, Know The Rules


Participants may enter as many times as they wish.  There is no limit to the number of times a user enters the contest.

For each time a user completes one 15 question quiz and submits it, their name is entered into the contest.   For example: If a user completes the quiz 10 times, they will have 10 separate entries in the contest and 10 times the chance the win. 

Entries that are "gibberish" or that the Pinnguaq review teams deems are not genuine attempts to translate the content will be disqualified. 

The Quiz deadline is December 10th 2012.  At that time all valid entries will be entered into the draw.  3 entries will be chosen for the secondary prize of a "Canadian Gaming Bundle" consisting of 3 of the best Canadian Made Games for the iOs platform.   Winners will be required to provide an Apple ID to claim their winnings.  One grand prize will be awarded of a brand new iPad Mini, along with the Canadian Gaming Bundle by December 15th 2012 at the latest.  The iPad Mini will be sent by mail to the winner while the gaming bundle will be sent via a valid Apple ID. 

Participate often for more chances to win. 

Prize Details

Prizes will be chosen by selecting names from eligible entries.  There are 3 prizes of "The Canadian Gaming Bundle" and one grand prize of an iPad Mini.  

Canadian Gaming Bundle

Consists of 3 games for the iOs (iPad and/or iPod/iPhone).  These games are "Sword and Swocery", "Friday Night Champion" and "Osmos". Prizes will be "gifted" to the winners through Apple ID accounts.  Aprox Value: $15.00 

iPad Mini

Grand prize of 1, brand new 16 Gig iPad Mini.  Black.   Aprox Value: $350.00