Osmos- Inuktitut Credits

Credits:  Osmos Inuktitut Translation

The Inuktitut localization of Osmos was put together through a crowd sourcing project that called on all Nunavummiut (people of Nunavut) to take part.  Each person listed below translated at least 15 terms, sometimes much more through our website.  Inuktitut is an oral language first, spread across over a dozen different dialects.  Through our process we were able to consult with every different dialect, fielding contributions for over 18 different Nunavut communities.   The final decision was then made by the lead team and put into the game.

 Osmos created by:
Hemisphere Games.  Eddy Boxerman and Dave Burke

Inuktitut Producer (for Pinnguaq):
Ryan Oliver

Inuktitut Project Managers:
Tommy Akulukjuk
Melinda Akulukjuk
Ryan Oliver

Localization by:

Becky Han
Jeela Palluq-Cloutier
Lucie Ottokie
Malaiya Netser
Alex Kilabuk
Jeanne Mike
Sheila Dialla
Melinda Akulukjuk
Trudy Tulugarjuk
Janet Airut
Blandina Tulugarjuk
Joana Nutarak
Raygelee Mike
Phobe Etuangat
Susie Joanasie
Mary Taukie
Caleb Paneak
Sheba Pikuyak
Bernard Maktar
Jeannie Angilirq
Angel Animiq
Lena Nashook
Lori Idlout
Sandra Demcheson-Maqitarvik
Lianne Bookiguak
Farrah Arnauyumayuq
Derek Aqqiaruq
Parr Parr
Zillah Piallaq
Shawnie Taukie
Susie Joanasie
Nellie Juralak
Susie Aliqatuqtuq
Lisa Nagyougalik
Sylvia Nester
Jedidah Merkosak
Jocelyn Casandra
Donna Kilabuk
Teresa in Houston
Julia Demcheson
Vicky Angotingoar
Joanna Oolateeta
Emilia Angalik
Belinda Mapsalak
Raygee Atsiqtaq
Roger Auksaq
Janet Airut
Marina Machmer
Raygee Atsiqtaq
Julie Evic
Lena Angutiqjuaq
Tomas Anguti Johnston
Jane Noanas
Simon Merkosak
Jeannie Illuitok
Nathaniel Alikatuktuk
David Joanasie
Tommy Akulukjuk
Melinda Akulukjuk