Singuistics artwork.


Singuistics is a natural way to immerse yourself in Indigenous language and culture. Learn traditional and original songs in a fun, three-step program alongside illustrations created by Indigenous artists. Pinnguaq first released Singuistics in December 2013, as a way of being exposed to the Inuktitut language through the traditional songs and art of the Inuit. It is an iPad app that tries to embed culture and language in your head through music.

Practice singing the songs yourself to improve your pronunciation. When you’re ready, record your final performance and share it with your friends!

Explore Indigenous languages in a fun and natural way. By listening, exploring, and singing songs, you will begin to gain an understanding of the languages and appreciation of the rich cultures from which they come.

  • 15 songs to learn (three from each language)
  • A three-step learning method: listen, practice, then record your own version of each song
  • Unique language lessons for each word
  • Original paintings and illustrations by local artists
  • Nunavut produced, developed, and owned
  • Singuistics is a gateway into the incredible world of indigenous culture and language