An inside look of GonPhishing

Gon Phishing

Phishing scams are a particularly insidious part of work on the web. They generally take the form of emails pretending to be from a reputable source in order to obtain important and private information from individuals, such as banking information.

A key way of avoiding gmail phishing scams is to recognize when emails you receive are safe and when they are not.

Game Play

Imagine you’re an office worker sitting at your desk. It’s a busy day and emails are flooding into your inbox. In order to keep your inbox from filling up completely you need to open the emails and determine whether they are “Legit” or if they are “Phish’.

If you mark an email wrong you’ll receive an email from your boss explaining why the email was either safe or not, clogging up your inbox even more!

Remember to check your Address Book to see if questionable emails are actually from people you know. Also don’t forget that some emails might seem like spam, however spam counts as legitimate, not phishing.

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