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Learn new words in Inuktitut syllabics and roman orthography through a jigsaw puzzle game! This educational application, created for children in Nunavut, promotes learning through 45 unique jigsaw puzzles, showcasing some of the art and culture inherent to Nunavut. Each puzzle features a word composed of a character from the Inuktitut syllabary. Complete all puzzles to learn the entire syllabary character set!


  • 45 different puzzles sorted by increasing difficulty. Watch as children are rewarded for completing more and more difficult levels.
  • Three assists per puzzle, allowing younger children to complete even the most difficult levels by auto-fitting up to three puzzle pieces.
  • Astounding animations of the puzzles upon completion to breathe life into the artwork and capture the essence of the word.
  • Audio playback of each word to allow children to correlate the visual component of the word with its sound.
  • Intuitive controls with an emphasis on simplicity so that young children can navigate the app.

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