Beaded flowers.

Stitches & Switches Booklet

Middle - Adult

The Stitches & Switches booklet includes activities that explore and blend sewing and technology to get creative with electronic circuits. E-Textiles allow you to customize fabric and material with digital components like LED lights to light up your clothes and computer chips to add code. If you are new to circuits and sewing, do not worry! There are beginner-friendly activities to guide you through the basics. Or, if you just need to refresh your memory, some advanced projects explore more complicated circuits and introduce new components if you’re looking for a challenge. We hope you will be inspired to tell a story—we’d love to hear it! Flaunt your flashy outfits / creations and share them with us by tagging @Pinnguaq and using #LearnWithPinnguaq. We can’t wait to see what you do!

To learn more, read our blog post about the Stitches & Switches kit. If you are interested in receiving the full kit, please contact us.