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Krita for Comics Ep. 3: Clipping Groups & Alpha

Krita for Comics Ep. 3: Clipping Groups & Alpha

Ian MacLean

Ian MacLean

About the author

Ian MacLean is a professional pixel artist/animator and illustrator who has worked in the gaming industry for 16 years. He considers himself a super nerd and has the polyhedral dice, comic collection, and miniatures to prove it.

Clipping Groups & Alpha in Krita

In episode 3 of Krita for Comics, students will learn about clipping and masking. Clipping and masking are means of restricting edits an effects to specific areas or elements of the page. We will learn how they work, and how to combine them with alpha transparency to speed up your work and help keep your comic page looking professional.

Unlike professional programs such as Photoshop, Krita doesn’t have a clipping mask functionality. In Krita, a group layer is composited separately from the rest of the group. Then the result is added into the group. Krita uses group layers as an effect, so show a separate image inside your image.

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