Part of the artwork from the imagining worlds and characters activity.

Imagining Worlds & Characters

This activity will teach students about worldbuilding and the relationship between a character and its world. It also poses two different ways of thinking about a concept to inspire creativity. In the space provided on the first page, students can design a character that would inhabit that world. On the second page, students can design the world that the character would inhabit.

The first page of the imagining worlds and characters activity.
The second page of the imagining worlds and characters activity.

This activity originally appeared in the third issue of Root & STEM, Pinnguaq’s free print and online STEAM resource supporting educators in teaching digital skills

Lenny Lischenko

Lenny Lischenko

About the author

Lenny Lishchenko is not a boy. She is an illustrator, graphic designer and comic maker who will never give up the chance to draw a good birch tree. Ukrainian-born and Canadian-raised, she’s interested in telling stories that people remember years later, in the early mornings, when everything is quiet and still. She is based in Burlington, Ontario.