Hackathon: A Conversation on Coding

Hackathon: A Conversation on Coding

Winners of the 2023 Kawartha Lakes Hackathon, Callum Penney and Aiden Mackey, recap their experience participating in the event. They are joined by Tanner Big Canoe, a Junior Software Developer at Pinnguaq and co-organizer of the hackathon, Tanner Big Canoe who provides some context on hackathons and how they can be beneficial to competitors.

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(00:44) What is a hackathon?

(02:48) Callum (winner) introduces himself

(03:04) Aiden (winner) Introduces himself

(03:14) Winning project described

(06:02) Aiden & Callum share how roles were divided

(07:41) Tanner explains the display of management skills

(08:29) Callum and Aiden share their dream jobs

(10:20) The three identify the challenges and some advice for future competitors

(13:47) Aiden shares a solo project he made using the skills he gained from the hackathon

(14:52) Aiden & Callum highlight the importance of learning code in school