3 students in the computer lab, spaced out with mask on their faces. They are all facing the camera.

Get Cyber Safe

Middle - Secondary

The Cybersecurity Manual

On this episode of the Root & STEM podcast, Christine Menard of Get Cyber Safe shares loads of tips and advice regarding cybersecurity. She begins with an explanation of what Get Cyber Safe is, and continues by revealing which demographics are the highest risk for cyber attacks. Christine lays out an immediate action plan for the scenario of facing a ransomware attack and shares her thoughts on why password managers are a very helpful tool. She then shares what avenues of attack are the most common for cyber scammers, before describing some red flags to be aware of on social media and how to best protect yourself from security breaches. Christine wraps up by sharing one simple action everyone can complete today to improve their cybersecurity.

Visit Get Cyber Safe to learn more!

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