Singuistics Update!

December 3, 2014

Pinnguaq is excited to announce that in addition to adding four brand new Inuktitut songs to our popular language learning app, Singuistics, we will also be adding five new Indigenous languages to the app in the early parts of 2015. Pinnguaq is currently working with partners across five Indigenous nations to develop add ons for Singuistics in:

  • Anishanaabemowin
  • Cree
  • Dene
  • Mi’kmaq
  • Gwich’in

Please note that exact dialects and communities being represented are still being finalized and will be properly represented in the final release.

While we have partners spread across Canada right now, we’re still in an early phase of the project and always welcome input and collaboration from any interested parties. We require:

  • Language experts from each Nation to help share their knowledge
  • Songs recorded in the languages listed above (traditional songs are preferred, 1-2 mins – though we’re open to modern interpretations as well)
  • Artists to interpret the songs visually as learning aids
  • Any and all interested members of the above listed Nations who would like to playtest, consult, and advise as we move forward

More details to come as we move this project into high gear! Stay tuned as we develop the only app to represent six Indigenous languages within the same infrastructure.

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