The health and safety of our participants and employees is our top priority. All events are suspended until further notice.

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Umimmak School Workshop

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Primary – Secondary

Umimmak School

P.O. Box 75, Grise Fiord, NU X0A 0J0

Please note that we are suspending all programming effective immediately to at least April 05, 2020. Stay updated about our Suspension of Programming.

The teachers will be introduced to integrating the software programs into their curriculum and will be involved in a short workshop on easy ways to integrate technology into any classroom. The senior grade students will be focusing on the filmmaking process, specifically learning about documentary-style filmmaking. Workshops will cover topics such as tutorials on video editing software, tips and tricks for cinematic video, pre-production (concept creation, interview topics, shot-list, etc.), production (shooting video, recording audio, etc.) and post-production (editing video, audio and exporting). The intermediate grade students will be involved in workshops that focus on coding, digital art and animation. Students will contribute to the filmmaking process including the creation of opening/ending film credits, 2D and 3D art clips and short image animations to enhance the films story. The primary grade students will participate in workshops that focus on basic skills through play. Topics include: introduction to coding and computational thinking, creating simple algorithms, programs, game creation, directional language and instruction, as well as language and math skills.


No registration required. This is a free event.

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