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Print copies of the second issue of Root & STEM.

Root & STEM Issue 2


The second issue of Root & STEM introduces us to innovators whose projects are challenging established ideas about the role technology plays in keeping us healthy. Our communities are filled with those who inspire us to use technology in new and meaningful ways.

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Letter from the Publisher

In March 2020, just as we were beginning to put together our Health & Wellness issue, the world changed. It didn’t take long to see just how far-reaching the effects of COVID-19 would be on every aspect of our lives, including education. With schools closed across the country, the importance of digital delivery gained new urgency. Remote work became the norm, but for anyone with kids at home, it was clear from the outset that juggling work and family time while stuck inside would present major challenges. As educators, we were forced to rethink how to use technology in meaningful ways that help keep communities safe, healthy and engaged. Read More