Section 4: Slideshow overview

Creating a Slideshow

A slide show takes your individual slides and turns them into a presentation or slideshow.

Add transitions between slides

Transitions determines how one slide moves to the next slide.

  1. From the Ribbon, click the Transitions Tab
  2. From the Transition to This Slide Group, use the scroll bar to select the type of transition you desire

PowerPoint Transition group
  1. Choose Effect Options, if desired
  2. Select a Transition Sound if you want a sound to play each time a slide starts during the presentation
  3. Choose the duration
  4. If you want the selected Transition options to be applied to all slides in the presentation, click the Apply To All button
  5. If you want to click the mouse in order to advance a slide, check the On Mouse Click button
  6. If you want the slides to advance automatically, check the Automatically After button and select the amount of time and be sure you have removed the check from On Mouse Click

Rehearse the Timing of your Slide Show 

You can set timings for your slides before you rehearse, or you can set them automatically while you rehearse. 

To rehearse your timings, just click the “Rehearse Timings” button from the Slideshow Tab on the Ribbon.  You can use the buttons in the Rehearsal dialog box to pause between slides, restart a slide, and advance to the next slide. PowerPoint keeps track of how long each slide appears and sets the timing accordingly.  

Viewing your Slideshow

From the Slideshow tab, in the Start Slide Show group, choose From Beginning to start the slide show from slide one or click From Current Slide to start the slide show from the slide you are presently viewing.