Section 2: Slide overview

Presentation components include the following items.

  • Slide – similar to a page; working area in PowerPoint 
  • Background Style – changes colour and fill effects of the slide background for the current slide or all slides
  • Theme – template containing colour, pattern, shapes, fonts, etc.; you can have more than one design within your presentation 
  • Layout – format for the slide including titles, graphics, text, etc. 
  • Objects – drawing objects such as rectangles and lines; clip art, pictures, charts, sounds, movie clips, text boxes

Insert a New Slide

From the Home Tab, click New Slide button to insert a slide with the same layout as the current slide; click the New Slide drop arrow to choose other layouts and options for the New Slide.

Change Slide Layout 

From the Home Tab, click the Layout button and select a new Layout.

Reset Slide Placeholders back to their original location 

Slide Placeholders include the objects that are part of the original slide layout such as titles, text boxes, charts, tables, graphics, pictures, clip art and movies; From the Home Tab, click the Reset button.

Delete a Slide 

From the Slides/Outline Tab select a slide and press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete the slide or right click and choose Delete.

Rearrange Slide Order 

From the Slides/Outline Tab, click and drag to move a slide or from the View Tab, click Slide Sorter and drag to move a slide to a new location.