Section 7: Editing a document

Selecting Text

In order to edit a block of text, you must first select the text to be edited.  This shows Word the exact area that you wish to format or perform a command on such as delete, cut, and copy.

  1. Point to beginning of selection
  2. Click and drag 
  3. Release mouse button

Your selected text will appear with a shaded background.  To cancel your selection, click the mouse button.  

You can double click on any word to select the entire word.  You can use the keyboard to select by holding the Shift key and pressing any of the direction arrows.

Cut, Copy and Paste

The Cut, Copy and Paste commands allow you to move or copy selected text from one area of your document to another, from one file to another, and from one application to another.  All three commands are accessed through the Home Tab.

When you use these commands, selected text is stored in a separate application called Clipboard, also known as the Windows Clipboard.

The Cut command will remove selected text or objects from a document and place it on the Clipboard.  

  1. Select text or object
  2. Choose Cut from the Home Tab

The Copy command will place a copy of selected text or object on the Clipboard.

  1. Select text or object
  2. Choose Copy from the Home Tab

The Paste command will paste the contents of Clipboard into your current document at the cursor or insertion point.

  1. Position your insertion point or cursor
  2. Choose Paste from the Home Tab

You can also Right Click to access a shortcut menu that will allow you to Cut or Copy (when text is selected) or Paste.  You can also use can use the shortcut keys (On a PC: Ctrl C for Copy, Ctrl V for Paste and Ctrl X for Cut) to perform these tasks.  

Now you can test your knowledge in this MS document simulation.  Practice opening an existing document, changing text size, ribbon icons and cutting and pasting in an existing document. Click start to try.

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Now let’s test your knowledge of MS Word.

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