Section 6: Basic Formatting with the Ribbon

The Font Group from the Home Tab allows you to change the appearance of your characters.  Characters will appear on your screen the same way they will appear when printed.

If you wish to format characters already typed, you must select and highlight the desired text before choosing Font options.

To format characters as you type, choose the desired Font options first and then type.

To remove formatting from your characters, select the desired text and unselect Font options or choose alternate options.

Basic Font Formatting Available from the Font Group:

  • Font Box changes the font face
  • Font Size increases or decreases the font size
  • Grow Font increases font size
  • Shrink Font decreases the font size
  • Change Case changes from Sentence Case, Lower Case, Upper Case, Capitalize each word and Toggle Case
  • Clear Formatting removes all formatting leaving only plain text
  • Bold changes the characters to a heavier weight
  • Italics will give the characters a slight slant to the right
  • Underline adds a single line below selected text or click the drop arrow for more options
  • Strikethrough draws a line through the middle of selected text
  • Subscript creates small letters below the text baseline
  • Superscript creates small letters above text
  • Text Effects add special effects to text and is not available in Compatibility Mode
  • Highlight colours the background of selected text; use the drop arrow to choose colour
  • Font Color changes the colour of selected text; use the drop arrow to select text colour