Section 1: The Ribbon

The Ribbon is located  at the top of the screen when you open most MS Office apps.  It is part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface.  The Ribbon contains three main components: 

  • Tabs which display different categories of options
  • Groups within Tabs that show related items together
  • Commands such as buttons, boxes and menus

Depending on your version of MS Office and the size of your screen, some groups have a small diagonal arrow in the lower-right corner called a “Dialog Box Launcher”.  If you click it, you will see more options related to that group which will appear in the form of a Dialog Box or a Task Pane.

An arrow at the bottom of the group indicates that there are more buttons available by clicking on the arrow.

The Ribbon contains several Tabs that appear along the top. The File tab and Home tab are common to most MS Office apps.  Other tabs may appear, depending on your settings, add-ins and objects that are selected.  When you click on a Tab, the Ribbon will change to show tools specific to a topic. Some Tabs will only appear when they are needed, such as the Picture Tab.