Jerry Cans Update- Singuistics. Artists Needed!

Pinnguaq is very proud to announce that the next update for the App, Singuistics: Learn Inuktitut Through Music will feature the music of Iqaluit's own "The Jerry Cans".  The infectious mix of country swing, throat singing, and blues will serve as the next teacher of the Inuktitut language to users from all around the world. 

We Need Artists

Just like the first three songs, these songs will be accompanied by an authentic Nunavut artist's work to help convey the message of both the music and the culture.   We're looking for 2 to 3 artists that can interpret the Jerry Can's music through their work and provide an excellent visual compliment to the music on the screen.

You'll be provided with the lyrics and asked to provide 10-15 images to accompany those lyrics.  

You'll be paid $667 for your work.  

Are you interested or do you have questions?

The Finer Print:
  • Artists will be asked to do between 10-15 images that will accompany a song.  The goal is to pass on to the user, through the images the idea of the song.  We’re trying to teach the user how to speak Inuktitut and the images are a key part of that.
  • Artists can use any format/medium they want.  
  • A basic contract will be signed between Pinnguaq and the chosen artists.  
  • The images will be given to Pinnguaq once completed and the artists will then be paid.  
  • Completed art will need to be received by March 1st 2014.  
  • The physical pieces of art will be given to Pinnguaq by March 1st 2014 and will then be owned by Pinnguaq.   The artist will be giving Pinnguaq the right to use that art in the App and for any advertising associated with the app.  The copyright to the art and any further use of the images will still be owned by the artists, while the physical pieces will remain in possession of Pinnguaq to do with as we please.