Technology and a Renewable Industry

Nunavut's immediate future lies in mining.  Of that, there is no doubt.  The success as the Meadowbank Mine in Baker Lake, along with the forthcoming Areva, Meliadine and Baffinland projects mean there are more jobs than we can possibly fill and enough money to set a path for a better future.  That said, Nunavut is not unlike other jurisdictions in the resource industry.  Once the rocks have been removed; they're not coming back.  Unfortunately, unlike other jurisdictions we don't have many other options.  Or at least, none that we're exploring seriously.  

Nunavut is officially on the clock.  We have a limited amount of time until there is nothing left to take.  Where as in the south a Provincial economy can be complemented with more sustainable resource industries like Forestry and Agriculture, Nunavut's unique geography means that once the mining stops (whether through exhausting available resources, or through market price drops), we're back to square one.

We do have one resource though that will not run out.  Minds.  This is why Pinnguaq believes it is so important to begin thinking beyond mining and to start leveraging the opportunities it presents to foster the development of truly sustainable industries.  

The world will never run out of the need for great ideas and innovation.  There will never be a lack of demand for people who can operate effectively and efficiently in the modern, technological world.   Right now there is no computer science taught in Nunavut and we know that can't happen overnight but it's something that Pinnguaq believes should be a priority and we're doing what we can through our Nunavut Code Club.  
The Nunavut Code Club
Even if resource extraction lasts another 300 years  (and it likely could), it still has an end date.  Ideas and innovation don't.  

Im so excited that in February we're going to be launching our very first "code club" to introduce computer science to the youth of Pangnnirtung.  Im endlessly grateful for the Hamlet's Youth programs support in seeing this launch. Im hopeful this is just  the beginning of a movement in territory towards forward thinking, sustainable industry development.