Why An Arctic Startup?

This post is a little more like a “press release” than it is a blog post.  Moving forward I’ll utlize this space to offer a unique perspective on tech development in the Arctic and the specifics of our project.  However, as a starting point I thought it important to explain exactly why we’re doing what we’re doing and why we call Nunavut home.  Thanks!- Ryan

An isolated, fly in Northern community where groceries can run three times the national average, power costs the same, and a single flight to a major city centre (in our case, Ottawa) will cost around $2000 may seem like an unlikely spot for a startup, but Pinnguaq is proud to hold and maintain roots in Pangnirtung, Nunavut.   Since our beginnings in early 2012 and our incorporation in March 2013, Pinnguaq has been working to not only bring new technologies to Nunavut but also to bring Nunavut to the outside world.  The Internet essentially makes us borderless, and even if we do have to pay three times the amount for basic Internet service, there is no reason Nunavut can’t be just as involved as any other major technology centre.  

Pinnguaq would not exist without Nunavut and it would struggle to be the same company from anywhere else in the world.  We truly believe that Nunavut offers us the greatest competitive advantage.  Inuit culture and Northern living define the products we have and will create, as they are in the very DNA of the company itself.  It’s impossible to step outside your door here and not take that influence into the projects you create.

Our Cozy Community in Winter
Our Cozy Community in Winter

Nunavut has no programming taught in its schools.  We’re working to help address that through advocacy and our Code Club that is just starting to roll out across the territory.  In the meantime, Nunavut offers us a wealth of talent to work with.  Nunavut is host to some of the worlds best artists, storytellers, musicians and filmmakers.  It is also home to one of the strongest and most vibrant Indigenous languages in the world.  With this as a backdrop for creation, it’s nearly impossible not to create some of the most original and unique products in the tech market.  We’re really excited about what we’re working on and we hope you’ll join us moving forward

It’s impossible to finish a post like this without acknowledging the support available to our projects through the Government.  The department of Culture and Heritage has allowed us to take flight and moving forward it is comforting and encouraging to know that we have the support of various levels and departments of Government to help create a sustainable and representative company for the territory.