Inuktitube is an iOs App for iPad, iPod and iPhone that filters Inuktitut content from popular video sharing sites like Youtube into one easy to seach, easy to find location.  Divided by content type, including “Music”, “Kids” and “Academic”, Inuktitube would provide a one stop location for users who want to experience Inuktituk content on their devices.

Inuit are as involved in the digital age as anyone else in the world, but finding content in Inuktitut can often be difficult.  Inuktitube will gather and filter content from Youtube, Vimeo and other video sharing websites to bring them all into one, easy to find location on an iOs device.  This access to Inuktitut content will serve as an important meeting point for Inuktitut speakers, or those curious and Inuit language and culture.  It will serve as a backbone for Inuktitut video content on the Internet.

Inuktitube Concept Design
Inuktitube Concept Design

 Concept Art: Inuktitube (Click for Full Size)

Release Date: Spring 2014

Release Format: iPad