Songbird- Art Needed!

Open Call to All Artists

Pinnguaq is producing an App for the iPad that will teach Inuktitut through song.  We are looking for 3 Nunavut artists to provide between 10-15 drawings or photographs to accompany the songs that will be apart of the App.   Each artist will be provided with the song lyrics and will interpret that song through his/her images.  Those images will accompany the song as it plays to provide additional insight to the learner on the Inuktitut words being spoken.


Each artist will be paid $667 for his/her work.  

The drawings done for the App will become the property of Pinnguaq, allowing us to use them in the application as we see fit.   The copyright on any future use of the images will remain the in the hands of the artists.    In simple terms:  Pinnguaq gets the original drawings/photos and can use them for the App and any advertising associated with the App.  Any further use of those images are yours to do as you see fit.  

*If you’re concerned, let’s talk.  Our goal is to make it as fair as possible for all artists.*

Interested? please contact us by one of the following methods:

  • Contact us via this form.
  • Touch base through the Facebook Page
  • or contact/message “Anson Oliver” (Pangnirtung) through Facebook.

We would really like to see a sample of your work, so please include anything you can. 

This contest is open to any Nunavut artists, but is obviously best suited towards printmakers, painters, drawings and photography.  However, if you’d like to pitch an idea around carving, wall hangings, etc, please do.  We’re open to any ideas on how to make this work.  

The application door will close on January 27th 2013.  Please contact us right away.

The Finer Print:

  • Artists will be asked to do between 10-15 images that will accompany a song.  The goal is to pass on to the user, through the images the idea of the song.  We’re trying to teach the user how to speak Inuktitut and the images are a key part of that.
  • Artists can use any format/medium they want.  
  • A basic contract will be signed between Pinnguaq and the chosen artists.  
  • The images will be given to Pinnguaq once completed and the artists will then be paid.   Pinnguaq can forward up to $200 of the agreed upon payment for supplies, if needed.  
  • Completed art will need to be received by March 1st 2013.  
  • The physical pieces of art will be given to Pinnguaq by March 1st 2013 and will then be owned by Pinnguaq.   The artist will be giving Pinnguaq the right to use that art in the App and for any advertising associated with the app.  The copyright to the art and any further use of the images will still be owned by the artists, while the physical pieces will remain in possession of Pinnguaq to do with as we please.